Finding History in the Frisco Heritage Museum

Texas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage Museum

Going to Texas means food. Yes the food is cheaper there than in Canada for a lot more to consume, but you do also run short of money. I especially ran short because of having to buy a new charger since the hotel at Lubbock shorted mine out. The other museums like the National Video Game, Dallas Art Museum, Nasher Sculpture Garden, and Dallas Arboretum costed some money to enter, but the Frisco Heritage Museum was free. Score! It was also one of my top 3 favourite places to visit in Texas because everything was preserved history in its original spot. Walking into the Frisco Heritage Museum was like walking into the past. Unlike the other museums they were very modern feeling and/or consisted of artworks. However, the Frisco Heritage Museum created an atmosphere as if you were right there in that frame of time experiencing everything. 

Texas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage MuseumI had to take a picture of a tumbleweed because it’s on my bucket list of things to find like I said in my Frisco Central Park Travel Diary. Texas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage MuseumTexas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage Museum

Outside, there is an authentic train that was used by the people of Frisco. Some railroad tracks are also preserved from when it was used. Right beside it, is a real railroad track that is more modern and advanced which is kind of interesting because you have both present and past times beside each other. Texas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage MuseumTexas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage Museum

I do enjoy railroad tracks and the rustic look of them. So obviously, I had to take a photo or actually- many photos on the railroad track. Also, I do love these booties because I can wear them everywhere, everyday, for long periods of time, but walking on the large gravel and railroad tracks? Not such a great idea. Be warned!!Texas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage Museum

Inside the Frisco Heritage Museum, there is a small tower with a 180 degrees view that overlooks the entire surrounding area. They made it so you can see whatever you want to explore before venturing outside. The building is one of the buildings that can be rented out for events like weddings or ceremonies. It’s nice to know that people still enjoyed the traditional or historic look of things.Texas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage MuseumTexas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage MuseumTexas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage MuseumTexas Travel Diary | Frisco Heritage Museum

Although this is a small museum, there were many things in there that you could some-what relate to. For example, you know what radios, hair tool, hair salons, and medications look like, right? But how did they look like back then? You can really see the difference and advancement in technology that took place. It’s also interesting to see how worn in some things are. I have to say, the hair perm contraption is quite terrifying. I see how it works, but very very scary. I really like the Frisco Heritage Museum because it’s full of things that you could relate to, but in the past. This is definitely in my top 3 museums in Texas

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