Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again|Fashion

Have you ever thought back into your childhood memory and remembered a place that you found was beautiful, fun, and unlike any other you’ve visited? I recently did. I took a trip to Mill Pond Park to see if the place in my memory was real. To my delight, it in fact was real. Obviously it was much smaller than I anticipated since I was a lot younger, but it definitely still captured the same beauty, light, and fun.

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Summer Fashion Essentials That Will Never Die Out

Fashion is complicated sometimes. It’s nice to dress up and buy clothes, but what it does to your bank, is not fun. So I decided to make a short list of summer fashion essentials that you need that will not go out of style. That means if you buy one of these essentials, you most likely will not need to replace it for a long time. These fashion essentials are worth the investment to buy high quality versions.

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Bipolar Canadian Blues | Crop Top & Sweatpants

Spring weather has been coming and going recently. It’s literally like a tease. One day it’s 2’C, another day it’s -7’C. Sometimes it even starts at -7’C and becomes 5’C in the afternoon. So obviously, picking out what to wear is the biggest confusion for me. When the weather is bipolar, all I want to do is be laid back and stay in bed. The stress of having to choose attire that I won’t regret is too much. Luckily, crop tops are so versatile. You can literally style it for all 4 seasons and still look weather sensible.

Crop tops should be an essential in any girl’s closet. It’s just necessary to have one in black, white, and grey. They match with everything. You can wear it with or without baring your midriff. They also come in many styles for any occasion. If you have a more formal occasion, look for a bedazzled or lace style. For everyday use like mine, I’m going with a plain cotton- blend crop style.

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