How to Avoid Washing Hair for Two Weeks

If you have coloured or damaged hair, it’s best to avoid washing it as much as possible. For me, I’ve managed to avoid washing my hair for up to two weeks (yeah, you read that right). If odour is your concern, there are also ways to freshen it up without the water or soap. And don’t worry, all of these tips are cost friendly. Like you, I am also the average income consumer who doesn’t have a lot to dish on super expensive products or hair treatments.

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DIY Mermaid Toast Tutorial

The mermaid and unicorn trend have been taking the internet by storm. People have begun making mermaid themed things ranging from food to clothing. Something about the beautiful mix of colours and iridescent details brings these mermaid things to life. One of the more popular and new items that have been introduced is mermaid toast. There’s no surprise to why this one creation has caught so much attention, it’s so elegant and beautiful! So I decided I’m going to take the challenge and create mermaid toast!

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3 Vegan Rice Ball (Onigiri) Recipes For When You Have No Food

I was in quite the dire situation with little to no food in the fridge and pantry. I wasn’t going to be grocery shopping anytime soon, so I needed quick meal I could make out of what I had on hand. And of course, the one thing that you can depend on is rice balls or onigiri. 

Onigiri are rice balls formed into either spherical or triangular shapes and wrapped with nori. I obviously didn’t have the traditional ingredients like sticky rice or nori, so I altered the recipes quite a bit. After making onigiri, I have come to learn that it is not as easy as you’d think it is and I may need A LOT of practice before mastering the art. I actually ended up using too much rice and too little filling, making each bite full of rice. I also found that because I am a beginner at making onigiri, it was VERY time consuming. If I’m starving as I was in the video making it, I’ll just chuck all the fillings into a bowl next time.

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