How I Got Teal Balayage Hair | Halo Hair Studio Review

I already had balayage and ombre in my hair from last year. The first picture depicts the dark and soft ombre. That I had. My hair also grew out quite a few inches since then. Because I already had balayage and ombre in my hair, my stylist Amanda simply touched up the top layer of my hair with a lighter balayage and gave me a 2 inch trim. You can see the results in the middle photo. Excuse the way my ends look, they’re always frizzy when freshly blow dried/ air drying. It was fairly brassy toned because she needed it that shade to react well with the blue pigments later. I found that there weren’t enough highlights. I just looked like an ombre to me. I didn’t want an ombre at all because I was totally over it and I really liked the natural highlights look of balayage. I asked Amanda to put some more in that were a little higher and she was happy to do so. I never got to see how it looked with the highlights added in. Amanda just put in the blue and green dye on my balayage right after.

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