Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again|Fashion

Have you ever thought back into your childhood memory and remembered a place that you found was beautiful, fun, and unlike any other you’ve visited? I recently did. I took a trip to Mill Pond Park to see if the place in my memory was real. To my delight, it in fact was real. Obviously it was much smaller than I anticipated since I was a lot younger, but it definitely still captured the same beauty, light, and fun.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away | Layering with Different Textures

Told you I’d wear the hell out of my houndstooth skirt. Instead of wearing it for a light outfit, I’m styling it to keep me warm. It’s been raining a lot since Spring came around. When I think of rain, I think: ick. Go away please. For whatever reason, I never want to wear colours when it’s raining. Maybe because it’s so gloomy and dark that it just puts me off. The only time I really want to wear a bright outfit is when the sun is radiating in the sky. Oh, I miss that weather. Well, I guess I’ll suck it up continue layering on clothes. :(

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Bipolar Canadian Blues | Crop Top & Sweatpants

Spring weather has been coming and going recently. It’s literally like a tease. One day it’s 2’C, another day it’s -7’C. Sometimes it even starts at -7’C and becomes 5’C in the afternoon. So obviously, picking out what to wear is the biggest confusion for me. When the weather is bipolar, all I want to do is be laid back and stay in bed. The stress of having to choose attire that I won’t regret is too much. Luckily, crop tops are so versatile. You can literally style it for all 4 seasons and still look weather sensible.

Crop tops should be an essential in any girl’s closet. It’s just necessary to have one in black, white, and grey. They match with everything. You can wear it with or without baring your midriff. They also come in many styles for any occasion. If you have a more formal occasion, look for a bedazzled or lace style. For everyday use like mine, I’m going with a plain cotton- blend crop style.

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Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble

My closet has been taken over completely by black and white attire. It’s like I have no colour in my closet at all. I actually try to order things with color, even if it’s a soft pastel that isn’t too bold, but my finger just don’t click “add to shopping cart”. In fact, I find my mouse hovering over the thumbnail for a few seconds before I click away. Something about colours in fall & winter just doesn’t strike with me. I think I’ll have to wait until spring and summer to begin collecting colored items.

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Don’t Sweat The Business | Sweatpants in the Office

Business, blazer, dress pants, stiffness, no. When it comes to business attire, I stray away from all those uncomfortable, generic, and plain outfits. I believe that office outfits shouldn’t be restricted to it. Of course for certain fields it’s necessary, but I stay away. So how do you achieve the ultimate comfort? Well- with sweatpants of course!

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Slip into Winter | Bringing Fashion Intimates Out

Wearing intimates in public has been seen as a taboo for a while. They’re supposedly meant for at- home purposes, or covered up. However, recently intimates have been trending in public. Bras, corsets, bustiers, slips, all of them are now acceptable to show in public (if styled the right way, of course). Be dazzled bras can be worn to music festivals, sexy bras can be worn under sheet tops, bustiers are now tops, and slips are awesome layering pieces. 

Honestly, I never though I’d ever be able to get my hands on the perfect slip dress, but I finally found one. I’m 5’0, so it’s hard to find one the perfect length that won’t swallow me up. This one is from Sheinside. It has two layers, so it’s completely opaque from top to bottom. I wanted more sheer-ness at the ends, so I just pinned the under layer up a bit. Some may argue that it is, and isn’t an intimated, but only because it’s so basic. Most intimates have lace on it, and I’d love to get my hands on one as a challenge to style, but I have yet to find it. 

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