What You’ll Find in the Dallas Arboretum Botanical Garden

Texas Travel Diary | Dallas Arboretum Botanical Garden

This was my last stop during my stay in Texas. I didn’t even know there was a Dallas Arboretum until my boyfriend pointed it out to me. I do love nature, so I thought it’d be fun to check it out. I have to say though, this place is bigger than you think it’d be. We got there an hour before they closed and decided to take the main paths. There isn’t too much to see but a small overview on the main path. However, when we started venturing deeper into the little paths, we came to realize that this place is actually HUGE. The Dallas Arboretum has a lot of really pretty hidden places. I say hidden because they’re not on the main path and we were both never the type to look at maps when visiting places. 

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