How I Got Purple Balayage and Ombre Hair

Balayage and Ombre have been all the rage for the past few years. It started with dip-dye, and eventually evolved into ombre, balayage, and then a fusion of both. I believe the end-goal is for a natural looking colour that’s easy to maintain because it’s not dyed to the roots but still noticeable. I’ve also been on the trend for a while because plain black hair just isn’t my thing and I’m definitely not rich enough to dye my whole head and keep maintaining the colour with my quick growing hair which ends up with nasty looking harsh roots. So, I took a step further this year and not only chopped off a lot of my hair, but also dyed it a vibrant, beautiful purple. Here’s how I did it: 

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How I Got Teal Balayage Hair | Halo Hair Studio Review

I already had balayage and ombre in my hair from last year. The first picture depicts the dark and soft ombre. That I had. My hair also grew out quite a few inches since then. Because I already had balayage and ombre in my hair, my stylist Amanda simply touched up the top layer of my hair with a lighter balayage and gave me a 2 inch trim. You can see the results in the middle photo. Excuse the way my ends look, they’re always frizzy when freshly blow dried/ air drying. It was fairly brassy toned because she needed it that shade to react well with the blue pigments later. I found that there weren’t enough highlights. I just looked like an ombre to me. I didn’t want an ombre at all because I was totally over it and I really liked the natural highlights look of balayage. I asked Amanda to put some more in that were a little higher and she was happy to do so. I never got to see how it looked with the highlights added in. Amanda just put in the blue and green dye on my balayage right after.

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Getting My Ombre Hair done at Koi Hair Studio

I have never been to a salon to get my hair coloured before because I thought the prices were ridiculous for long and thick hair like mine. Also, I’ve heard of so many horror stories that I’m just too scared to do it. Finally, on Wednesday August 6th, I did it. I got my hair ombre’d. I originally wanted balayage, but I feel like my ombre had hints of a balayage look in it.

After getting my hair done, I finally understand why people pay the price to get it professionally done. I was absolutely in love with it! I can guarantee you I spent the day taking pictures of my hair and looking in all mirrors and reflections I walked by. The ombre is absolutely beautiful!

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