Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again|Fashion

Have you ever thought back into your childhood memory and remembered a place that you found was beautiful, fun, and unlike any other you’ve visited? I recently did. I took a trip to Mill Pond Park to see if the place in my memory was real. To my delight, it in fact was real. Obviously it was much smaller than I anticipated since I was a lot younger, but it definitely still captured the same beauty, light, and fun.

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Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again| Fashion
Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again| Fashion
Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again| Fashion

The exact place I remembered was far off in the back and corner of the park. It was a straw field with fluffy things at the top. I even remember taking one home (I don’t know how my dad let me take one home because they are super messy). In my childhood memory, I remember walking around it, feeling and touching up all the stems in the straw field because they felt so unique. You don’t normally find a straw field in the GTA, okay?I didn’t wander too far into the small straw field because it had rained a few days prior. I was wearing heels because every short girl loves heels, haha. My heels basically sunk deep into the soil. It also didn’t help to be grown up and being aware of possible dangers that may exist in the field. In my childhood memory, I had less fears and was more adventurous because the internet wasn’t a popular thing to teach me that many things in life are scary. So unfortunately, while revisiting my childhood memory, I wasn’t able to venture too far in.

Revisiting a Childhood Memory Again| Fashion

Definitely, when summer rolls around again, I’d love to go back. Hopefully it won’t be muddy and people won’t want to build on top of it. I would love to walk through and visit some more of my childhood memory scenes at the park. One of them would be a wooden tent that looked like it was made by people who visited the park. This is a stretch to hope it’ll still be there after MANY MANY years, but I’d love to see that again. 

What places would you visit from your childhood memory?

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