When Trying to Pack Light | Closet Basics

SPRING IS IN THE AIR. You can feel it in the atmosphere when you walk out. It’s just creeping it’s way around. But how do you pack for this weather? For the past two weeks I’ve been staying at a friend’s place and trying to plan ahead and packing light is so hard! I mean- basic make up, bath essentials, and school things take up half my duffel bag… So where do my clothes go?! I really had to pack light for each week, but still be able to accommodate this awkward weather. I must say, it was a real challenge. The first week, I packed way too little. In fact, I didn’t pack any pants at all (because we all know how I feel about them). So in short, I was freezing cold the whole week. I swear the weather said it’d be warm! So for the second week, this week, I packed more layers… Which I found myself overheating many of the days. However, I had more combinations for outfits. 

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When Trying to Pack Light | Closet Basics
When Trying to Pack Light | Closet Basics
Choosing my Basics

To start, I knew my basics had to be easy to style and plain. I needed to make sure they would all match with each other and I’d be able to wear each piece more than once without making it look like I never changed my clothes the whole week. I had school, so distinguishable outfits was a must. To start, a monochrome palette is the best to work with because black, white, and grey all work so well with each other. It’s the basics for someone getting into fashion. If you don’t know what colour clothes to buy, go with monochromes! 

When Trying to Pack Light | Closet Basics
When Trying to Pack Light | Closet Basics

With the palette picked out, I needed to narrow down about six main pieces of attire to bring or wear there that I can shed off if it’s too hot or layer on if the weather gets windy. I thought back to all the outfits I ever posted up and picked out basic pieces I found myself styling for many different outfits. My basics choices were: faux leather black jacket, plain black long sleeve, lapel knit cardigan, white slip dress, socks, and a pair of black sweatpants in case the weather got really cold. All these basic pieces, I’m sure you’ve seen a gazillian times on my social media. Regardless, happy to say, I had a different outfit for everyday of the week!

What’s your favourite closet basic?

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