Welcoming the Green | Parka & Houndstooth

Welcoming the Green | Parka & Houndstooth

The weather in Toronto has been wavering between fall and spring. It’s chilly in the morning, but warmer during the afternoon. Being a commuter student, I need to dress according to both climates because if I leave the house in the morning, it’s already afternoon by the time I get to school. Having versatile jackets is a pretty high priority in my books.

I have two go- to jackets for these predicaments: my faux leather jacket and green parka. I think both should be in every girl’s closet for sanity and style purposes. They both match with everything and make it super easy to just slap on in the morning and run out the door.Welcoming the Green | Parka & HoundstoothWelcoming the Green | Parka & Houndstooth

Styling a Green Parka

Recently, I’ve been loving the houndstooth print. The warm weather has been inspiring me to style it in multiple ways. You’ve already heard me raving about it. I knew that I wanted to wear either shorts or a skirt in this weather because I’m just sick of wearing pants. Something about pants just bothers me, it’s so uncomfortable. I went with black and white on the inside to balance out the green from the parka. A plain black crew neck is worn instead of a light top to insulate my jacket for the morning weather. My parka is quite thin, so layering is necessary. After, I just threw on the parka and that’s my outfit!

This outfit is perfect for a coffee date or going to school. I wore this to school and work, but I’d be willing to go out or tea after school with this outfit. I feel like it had the perfect levels of fashion and flintiness. The skirt gives off a friendly and fun vibe, while the necklace polishes up the outfit. And of course, the parka gives the outfit a fashion, insatgram feel to it.Welcoming the Green | Parka & Houndstooth

Where I Got Everything

Green Parka | eBay

Thigh High Black Socks | American Apparel

Houndstooth Skirt | Sheinside

Crew Neck | Walmart

Necklace | DressLink

What’s your essential jacket?

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