Rain, Rain, Go Away | Layering with Different Textures

Told you I’d wear the hell out of my houndstooth skirt. Instead of wearing it for a light outfit, I’m styling it to keep me warm. It’s been raining a lot since Spring came around. When I think of rain, I think: ick. Go away please. For whatever reason, I never want to wear colours when it’s raining. Maybe because it’s so gloomy and dark that it just puts me off. The only time I really want to wear a bright outfit is when the sun is radiating in the sky. Oh, I miss that weather. Well, I guess I’ll suck it up continue layering on clothes. :(

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Rain, Rain, Go Away | Layering with Different Textures
Rain, Rain, Go Away | Layering with Different Textures

By the way, this is probably the last post you’ll see with my hair this colour, heh. This was a one- week thing. Can you guess what colour I’m going?! Think spriiiiing! So excited. It’s going to look so nice against all my monochrome outfits. 

My Layering Process

Obviously, when the weather is chilly, you’re going to want to bundle up. It’s too warm for a winter jacket, but too cold to go out with a thin shirt. This is when layering comes into play. First: pick the jacket you’re going to be working with. I chose to go with a faux leather jacket because it’d be a little rain resistant compared to everything else. Oh, and it’s warmer than all my other Spring jackets too.

Next, pick the appropriate layering piece that’s going to keep you warm. When I think cold, I think sweaters. Sweaters are so cozy. I find myself running to all of mine whenever the weather is chilly or I don’t know what to wear. They match with everything and never fail. I chose this chunky lapel sweater because I thought the lapels would drape nicely alongside the jacket.

Rain, Rain, Go Away | Layering with Different Textures
Rain, Rain, Go Away | Layering with Different Textures

Finally, the thinnest layers go on the very inside. There isn’t anything too special here. I just went with black and white attire. A houndstooth skirt as a statement pattern to break everything up and a black shirt just because it matches with everything. 

What’s your favourite fashion season?

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