Jumpstart the Night | The Trendy Jumper Fashion

Jumpstart the Night | The Trendy Jumper Fashion

This is actually the first jumper I’ve ever owned and worn out. I always admired fashion bloggers who strutted down roads in their long jumpers. I always associated the piece with tall, slim people. I always stayed away because I felt intimidated being 5’0. I thought I would look even shorter, frumpy, and just plain awkward. Just imagine a little woman with her crotch hanging low, sleeves falling off, and pants dragging 6 inches behind her. That was what I though I would look like. But, I finally collected some courage to purchase my first jumper. And it definitely does not look like what I imaged it would be on me.

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My Thoughts on the Jumper

Jumpstart the Night | The Trendy Jumper Fashion

I think it looks amazing. I don’t care what anyone else says, but it exceeded my expectations visually. Not to mention, styling it is so easy. Because this jumper is so unique and trendy, it doesn’t need any accessories. The mesh pattern down the middle is more than enough to grab attention. I also love the cut outs on the side. It adds a little sexy to the attire. I associate the look of jumpers with formal and modest outings. However, you can get the best of both worlds: formal classy & sexy. An added bonus of this piece is the cold shoulders, or hanging sleeves. These have been in for the past two seasons, and I think it’s a great trend that should be here to stay. Shoulder and collarbones are a very attractive part of a woman, so flaunt away!

Jumpstart the Night | The Trendy Jumper Fashion
Jumpstart the Night | The Trendy Jumper Fashion

Now, everything else is a different story. I know the pains of wearing rompers. You have to take everything off to go to the washroom. Now with jumpers, especially this one, has a halter function with a chain. One more obstacle in relieving myself. I also found it a little restricting. This jumper is very stretchy, which is amazing because that means I can eat as much as I want and not suffocate. However, when it comes to bending down, I can feel the resistance. It’s almost like trying to bend or move around in business dress suit attire. It’s not exactly my cup of tea. However, this jumper was a little too wide on the waist for me, so I did tie the back up with a ribbon. Can you see it in the picture? Haha. 

Also, fun fact, I wore this all day from morning to night since I was going to a Winterlicious dinner. So yes, I wore it to school, but had the beautiful struggle of covering it up to look appropriate. Not trying to look like I just came to class after clubbing, haha! 

Do you prefer jumpsuits or two-pieces?

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