Fur-reals It’s Cold | Faux Fur Vest Fashion

Fur-reals It's Cold | Faux Fur Vest Fashion

As I am writing this, the weather outside is treacherous. You think you can walk outside for 10 minutes and suck it up, but no, that’s not the case. The first few breaths you breathe in instantly form icicles inside your nose. I guess that’s what I get for living in the GTA with -30’C weather. The funny thing is, Toronto is a lot closer to lakes, but also a lot warmer in climate than my city. I guess having a lot of buildings pays off in the winter. Well, regardless of the weather, I’m still going to run outside and take pictures.

For the cold weather, I thought it’d be appropriate to style faux fur because winter is always associated with furry jackets and scarves. I honestly love faux fur. It’s one of the reasons why I look forward to winter (and then regret it). Faux fur to me, is luxury. For whatever reason, it just makes me feel all posh, classy, and a little obnoxious wearing it. I already own a brown faux fur vest, but I decided to add a black one just ’cause.Fur-reals It's Cold | Faux Fur Vest Fashion Fur-reals It's Cold | Faux Fur Vest Fashion

Styling a Faux Fur Vest

I have to admit, styling a black faux fur vest can be challenging. For this outfit, I decided to go for an all black ensemble. I think when it comes to all black outfits, it’s really about playing with different textures because light reflects off various materials differently, giving the illusion of different shades. So, of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of black and textures is faux leather. Mah fave. But I also needed a muted black pieces so the outfit wasn’t too overwhelming. As a result I went with a black turtleneck. Simple and sweet. 

The faux leather skirt is demanding on the eye for attention, as it does have a slight sheen to it in daylight. The turtle neck is very silent, and brings little attention to itself. Meanwhile, the faux fur vest is what brings everything together. Because the fur has so many dimensions with the different layers of fur, it creates a medium texture, unifying the outfit. Fur-reals It's Cold | Faux Fur Vest Fashion

Where I Got Everything

Faux Fur Vest | Dressin

Heeled Ankle Boots | Oasap

Faux Leather Skirt | Sheinside

Turtle Neck | Urban Planet

Necklace | Forever 21

Thigh High Socks | American Apparel

What’s your opinion on faux fur vests? 

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