Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?

Fashion is something that some feel like has rules, while others feel like it’s a personal expression and no boundaries exist. For me, I feel like nothing should stop you from wearing what makes you happy and confident. 

In particular, I’m talking about short girls wearing a maxi dress.

Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?

As a young girl, I always thought that short girls should never wear long articles of clothing. I always felt like it made me look shorter or more frumpy. It made me feel like I had no shape or ugly. I never dared to wear a maxi dress back then.

However, now a days, I love long articles of clothing. I feel like paired up with the appropriate pair of heels or cinched in at the correct places, it can really make you look more elegant and almost elongated because of the silhouette. 

Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?

When shopping for a maxi dress, I look for one that’s cinched in at the waist or can have a belt added to give the silhouette shape. Otherwise, I feel like I might drown in all the fabric. It also helps to look at different types of maxi dresses like body tight, or more poofed at the waist. There are many different kinds that exist now a days, that finding the perfect maxi dress is much easier. 

Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?Can Short Girls Wear a Long Maxi Dress?

I personally like maxi dresses that have a lot more fabric so that there is more movement and air circulating. The look of maxi dresses flowing in the wind to me is mesmerizing. Coming from someone who loves Instagram and photos, with the right angle, you can get a bomb photo. I also feel like the movement of the fabric takes away the emphasis on height and brings the attention to the dress. There’s no need to be self conscious being a short girl wearing a maxi dress.

Overall, I feel like as long as you find a maxi dress that suits your body and needs well, if you feel confident, wear it. Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you have to be limited to short dresses. 

Outfit Details:

Red Dress: Tobi

Taupe Maxi Dress: Tobi

Shoes: Fashion Nova

Lipstick: Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in 20 Pioneer

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