Embracing the Business Style | Classic Vests

Embracing the Business Style | Classic Vests

Now that I’m finally graduated from school, it’s time to venture out into the real world and be a full fledged adult. I have to admit, I’m not ready yet because I want to enjoy my years travelling around the world. I just feel like I’m not ready to be tied down to a 9 to 5 job with only two weeks of vacation. I’m not satisfied. Unfortunately, I will eventually have to get a job and move out, so transitioning into business style is just the start.

I know for a fact that when I find a job, I want a place where I can dress to express. I mean, it is 2016. I want the business style dress code to be professional, but I can still play around with it and make it “me”. I’m not a huge fan of the dress pants/skirt/suit/blazer combo. That just repulses me to have to wear it. I mean it may look nice sometimes, but most of the time, I’ll pass on it. 

Photography by LantographyEmbracing the Business Style | Classic Vests

One of my favourite business style inspired pieces has got to be the asymmetric skirts. I literally have 4 in my closet because they’re so simple, versatile, and classic looking. It’s my go to pair of bottoms. I actually had to stop myself from buying more in different colours because anyone who’d look in my closet would think I’m crazy. 

I appreciate fashion and expression. I believe that if I’m going to be tied down to work, I should enjoy it. Being able to play around with outfits is one of my many hobbies that I will never give up. I would imagine being able to dress up for work will motivate me to love working (unless it’s Monday). This is just one of my renditions of a business style outfit that expresses who I am and what I love.Embracing the Business Style | Classic VestsEmbracing the Business Style | Classic Vests

How do you express yourself through fashion?

Where I Got Everything

ASymmetric Skirt | Sirens

Ankle Strap heels | Aldo

Tank Top | Victoria’s Secret Pink

White Vest | Oasap

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