EOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, Lotions

EOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, Lotions

EOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, LotionsEOS (Evolution of Smooth) products are known for being extremely aesthetically pleasing because of the unique packaging and product line variety. I believe the trend of owning EOS products started from their lip balms and branched out from there. Their lip balms have very unique packaging in being circular, round, and pleasantly pastel coloured. It’s a step up from the typical tube-like lip balms you find at your local drug store. People have even DIY-ed lip balms out of the left over EOS packaging. The EOS trend has exploded in the online community.

Now I will admit, I have never tried the products before until now. The nice people at Zak Communications sent me a package with a couple of EOS goodies and I was ecstatic to try them all out. It ranged from the well known lip balms to things like shaving cream. Did you know they carried shaving creams? I didn’t! So here’s my run down of how I felt about the products.

Lip Balm

EOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, LotionsI was given three flavours: Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, and HoneySuckle HoneyDew. These are products people have raved about and I did want to test out the “spherical” lip balm. I have to say though, I am fairly biased towards my original and basic Burt’s Bees Lip Balm that I’ve been using religiously and faithfully for years. I think I may have been spoiled with it. But putting aside the fact that I’m forever faithful, these lip balms are interesting. I feel like they don’t glide as smooth across my lips, but the distinction between flavours is what piques my interest. For many flavoured lip products, a lot of the sweeter flavours taste more or less the same. However, EOS made these flavours very different. I honestly though I’d like Summer Fruit the best, but I ended up liking HoneySuckle HoneyDew the most. It’s quite a surprise because I’m not a huge fan of HoneyDew. The HoneyDew is a nice, mild, but still sweet lip balm. It’s not too overpowering but still very pleasant. For some reason I thought Summer Fruit would taste like strawberries, but it’s more or so a blend of sweet fruits. It reminds me much of my childhood lip balms. As for Blueberry Acai, I’m just biased because I’m not a huge fan of blueberries. The flavour is quite true to the name, though.

Shaving Cream

EOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, LotionsThis product was interesting to try. I was given the Lavender Jasmine Shaving Cream. I’m not a huge shaving-cream girl. I do enjoy using it, but it’s not really in my budget to keep buying them. As a result, I usually end up using a bar of soap lathered up. One thing I noticed and liked about this shaving cream was that it had a very lotion-like consistency. Most shaving reams I’ve used puff up into foam or bubbles. I actually like that it’s lotion-like because it is less prone to wash off if you’re shaving while showering and the water drops splash onto your legs. This way, you’ll know for sure if you’ve missed a spot or not because there will be product still there. However, I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t wash it off well enough, but my legs did feel a little sensitive after shaving. My legs normally don’t, but I felt the need to use lotion after which was quite different from my usual shaving routine. Usually my legs are fine after. Other than that mishap, this is quite a decent product.


EOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, LotionsEOS Product Reviews : Lip Balms, Shaving Creams, LotionsI was given quite the variety of lotions to try out. I had the Delicate Petals Body LotionBerry Blossom Body Lotion, and Cucumber Hand Lotion. One thing that I found peculiar at first was that the body lotions were both different sizes but the same product. However, after a little research, I found out that these actually come in two sizes which is amazing! I think I prefer the smaller sizes just because it’s a squeeze bottle rather than a pump (larger size). The lotions themselves were quite moisturizing and served their purpose. As for scent, the Cucumber Hand Lotion was mildly sweet but refreshing. The Lavender was slightly perfume-like. The Berry Blossom was sweet and fragrant. I do enjoy the scents of all the lotions and will definitely be using it. 

Have you ever tried EOS products before?

What’s your favourite?

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