Winter Survival Guide | Morning Essentials

Winter Survival Guide | Morning Essentials

Mornings can be a pain in the butt. Nobody wants to wake up super early to head into work. Everybody wants to relax and be on a permanent vacation. In my case, I live in Canada, so it’s freezing cold and dark in the winter mornings. Way to motivate you to get out of bed, huh? The moment I peak out a corner of my blanket, I shiver. It’s never fun. I’ve been living in these colds winters for a while, so I have some winter essentials that may help you all out as well.

1. Invest in a heater

Whether you’re living at home or on your own, a portable heater will be a blessing. They’re super affordable. I got mine for only $30 at Walmart and it doubles up as a fan in the summer. This is great to have in your winter essentials even if you already have heat because if you’re living with people, turning up the heat for everyone can be a little inconsiderate if they don’t prefer it as warm. When I’m living at home, I’m the only person that likes super hot rooms, so I always get an earful or two when I turn the heat up. As a result, I got this heater to heat up just my room quickly in the winter mornings. 

2. Take supplements

Out of all winter essentials, this one isn’t for everyone. However, for me, I need it. I don’t get a lot of sun, so I lack a lot of Vitamin D to get through my day with energy. I take chewable Vitamin D pills whenever I’m feeling super sluggish in winter mornings. I also like MaxiRegen‘s plant-based formula because it’s so simple to take and tastes really sweet. It reminds me of those sweet asian drinks my parents used to make me consume to make sure I stayed healthy. I like to have this in a cup of ice cold water in the summer or just put it in my tea in the winter. It’s supposed to remove free radicals and toxins, boost metabolism and skin glow, and benefit your health in general. For something so sweet and pleasant tasting, it’s no biggie to include it in my morning routines.

3. Load up on leggings

This is an essential not only exclusive to winter, but in fact, every woman needs this in their closet. I think it’s great because you can still wear many of your clothing pieces from spring/fall/summer in winter without freezing your butt off. I like to find “fake pants” or leggings that have a zipper, pockets, and buttons that mimic pants. They’re thick enough to not show your panties through and flexible enough to be comfortable. Don’t just buy one of these winter essentials, buy like 40 of them.

4. Embrace the fuzzy socks

You have to admit, you love fuzzy socks. They’re super soft, easy to put on, furry, and you never want to take them off. To some they make look very silly with the elaborate colour schemes and designs, but no shame here! I am proud to have this in my winter essentials. I wear them around the house all the time in winter because I have tile floors and it tends to get quite cold. Whenever I see them on sale, I’m quick to nab a few pairs.

5. Look cute while staying warm with thigh-high socks

Oh, you know I can’t forget this on my winter essentials list. If you’ve followed my Youtube and blog for a while, you know I live in these in the fall and winter. I wear them with layers, skirts, and sometimes layered on top of leggings. When the weather is a little warmer, it’s perfect for showing a little bit of skin while still staying warm and modest. I actually use it to bring many of my spring and summer pieces into the cold seasons. I have plenty of pairs ranging from black to grey in different textures. I have no shame in admitting I have an obsession with them.

6. Lighten up your day with lipsticks

Okay. This is new to my winter essentials. I’ve never been a huge fan of lipstick until recently when I looked back at my old photos wondering “why are my lips so colourless, why do I look so dead?”. So, I started wearing some and experimenting with colours. Over the years, I’ve eased into lipstick with dark reds. Now, I see it as a fun way to brighten my morning or dress up my outfits (since I pretty much only wear black and white). Have a handful of different shades to play with and I guarantee, every day will be a brighter day. 

7. Bundle up in a blanket scarf

This is just obvious in winter essentials the list. Blanket scarves can be found cheap online or in small boutiques. I’ve recently found the most perfect blanket scarf in the picture. It’s cheap, keeps me warm, and matches with EVERYTHING. Now, I just wear this with everything and in every way. I have a video for different ways to wear blanket scarves if you want to see it. They’re just great for all around style, warmth, and doubles as a pillow if you fold it up. If you don’t own a blanket scarf yet, I highly suggest you look into getting one. 

BONUS. Filling breakfasts

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. This is why breakfast is part of the winter essentials list. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but something healthy might be a good choice.  Fill yourself with nutrients and delicious food so you can have energy until lunch where you can refill. Whenever I start with a yummy breakfast, my morning is already more tolerable.

What’s on your winter essentials list?

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