Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with Friends

Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with Friends

Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t live in Canada, we actually celebrate Thanksgiving on October 13th. My family typically doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so it was really exciting to be able to celebrate with my friends for the first time.

Let’s start off with the day before. We spent do much time looking up recipes and DIYs to make my plain, very empty room as festive and cozy as possible. To do that, we did some DIY center pieces. Like the whole day, I just helped pick out pieces and watched my friends put it all together beautifully. If you want a video and/or more in- depth explanation in gifs or something, let me know! I did film it but thought it was too basic of a video to put up.Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with FriendsThanksgiving Dinner 2014 with Friends

Thanks to Jessica and Diana for making beautiful pieces!

And of course, what is a Thanksgiving blog post without FOOOOOD?! My friends all made the turkey. I helped baste it once and cut up the vegetables. I didn’t do much, haha! I’m not a huge turkey or meat person either. However, I do love turkey stuffing! Sooo good!Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with Friends
There were also cupcakes made by Jessica the night before too. Let me tell you, using a cheap ziplock bag as a piping bag is NOT an easy task.

By the way, if you ever want a cheap cupcake stand, just get cardboard ones from the Dollarstore for $3 or so and decorate it. We turned a Halloween- themes one into a Thanksgiving stand.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with FriendsOf course! I have to add my favourite salad too! This, was my contribution.Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with Friends

Finally, to end things off, we took some photos that look like very set up ‘family photos’. Apparently it looks very much like a photography set. I mean- I don’t blame people who see that, because we did turn off the ceiling lights to turn on my photography & video lights, haha!Thanksgiving Dinner 2014 with Friends

Anyways, I had fun for Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a fun celebration later this month or have already had an amazing dinner with your friends and family.

Love you all!


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