No Heat Healthy Quinoa Salad

The filling power of vegatables quinoa salad

I love quinoa salads because I can bring them to work, school, or even as a meal when going out without having to go through the trouble of finding a microwave to heat it up. We’ve all had that experience when we have a short lunch break and end up spending a large portion of it lining up, waiting for the microwave. In fact, some times there is no microwave within a decent distance! As a result, a no heat, healthy meal is what’s needed.

Now this recipe is so easy and so customizable to your taste buds. Want tangy? Add a squeeze of lemon or orange. Want sweet? Add some corn or even a drizzle of teriyaki sauce. And if you’re looking for lots of texture, heck, throw your whole fridge in! Everything tastes good in a quinoa salad. The main ingredient for seasoning that I like to use to bring the whole dish and all the ingredients together is lemon juice (or lime, because lime’s are so much more affordable)

The best part? The vegetables bulk up the quinoa portions A LOT. Talk about the filling power of vegetables!

The filling power of vegatables quinoa salad

Ingredients Used in this Recipe – Use any portions you want, adjust this recipe to your own taste buds.

  • cooked corn
  • chopped celery
  • grated carrots
  • broiled or grilled chicken breast
  • a green or red bell pepper
  • cooked quinoa (duh)
  • lime or lemon

THE ONLY STEP:  Combine ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix.

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