Bleach: Ichigo Half Hollow Make Up Look | Halloween

Bleach is an anime and manga that’s near and dear to my heart. It is the definition of my childhood. I religiously watched and read it for weeks as it was released. Besides Prince of Tennis, it was what started my addiction to watching animes, haha! Unfortunately I stopped because the fillers drove me crazy. It also taught me not to read ahead with the manga if I plan to continue watching the anime.  However, upon preparing for this video, I actually felt really nostalgic and decided to binge read and watch everything until the most recent chapters and episodes. I have to say: Ichigo’s final form in the anime is pretty bad ass. 

Bleach: Ichigo Half Hollow Make Up Look | Halloween

Of course, when thinking about Bleach, you think about either 1) Ichigo or 2) Espadas. To start off basic, I decided to go with Ichigo’s half hollow form- my favourite form. Of course has has many other forms, but this was my favourite I wanted to attempt. Maybe next year I’ll do an Espada. They look too cool to pass up. And for it, I’m definitely going to make the actual mask. maybe not the outfit because… Fully not capable of sewing and you all know it.

For this tutorial, I used white face paint from the dollar store, but I really don’t recommend that because it gave me such a hard time. You can tell by the images, it cracked on me a lot and make it 10x harder to layer on paint so get an opaque colour to work with. However, I’m pretty satisfied with the end result!

Team Quincy, Espada, or Shinigami?

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