Complete Crockpot RAFT Recipes Guide 2020 Updated

One of the major needs in the game RAFT is satisfying your hunger and thirst. In hard mode, it’s much more intense and involves spending more time preparing food. One of the most effective ways of getting sustenance is converting raw materials into crockpot meals. However, when playing the game, you don’t know what the RAFT recipes are until you find them in crates, barrels, or experimenting with your ingredients.

With the many content updates Redbeet Interactive provides for the game, it’s hard to find an updated recipe list. So I’ve compiled them all and will continue to update the list as content is added.

This crockpot RAFT recipe guide is up to date with the Chapter 2 update. Information of changes can be found at the end of the post.

About The Game

RAFT by Redbeet Interactive is a survival game on steam where you’re placed on a 2×2 square raft and must survive the harsh conditions and predators. There is a finite number of players able to play on a world depending on how well the host’s connection and computer runs, making it a great game for long distance relationships. It is currently $19.99 as of January 28, 2020.

Benefits of Crockpot Meals

Not all crockpot meals are better than grilled meals when you take into account the time, materials, how many you can carry at one time, and how much the hunger bar fills. However, for the better recipes, it’s worth it because of the unique feature the RAFT recipes provide.

Crockpot meals when eaten, give the regular shaded fill bar and an additional yellow bar. The yellow bar depletes significantly slower than your regular hunger, allowing the food to sustain you for much longer. It also lets you extend your regular hunger bar past the default fill. Next time, try eating a crock pot meal, followed by a few fish! In RAFT hard mode, this is essential if you’re going to be going on long excavation trips exploring or defeating many RAFT enemies.

Crockpot RAFT Recipes

These crockpot RAFT recipes are ordered from best in sustenance to worst according to my own opinion. I formed my opinion based on the cook yield, and balance between yellow and regular hunger fill bars. It is also assuming the player has easy access to all ingredients needed.

All dishes were eaten when the hunger bar hit critical point and the screen would begin to warp and turn red. Therefore, the amount of hunger these dishes fill is whatever comes after the two dashes near the beginning of the bar. Any hunger filled after that is due to the delay between eating the dishes and taking the screenshot.

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Hunger Fill & Yield

Drumstick with Jam

RAFT Recipe: Drumstick with Jam
  • Drumstick x 2
  • Red Berries x 2
20 Hunger & 40 Bonus

Yields: 2

Head Broth

RAFT Recipe: Head Broth
  • Potato/Beet x 1
  • Pufferfish x 2
  • Bucket of Milk x 1
Head Broth hunger fill
20 Hunger & 40 Bonus

Yields: 2

Mushroom Omelette

RAFT Recipe: Mushroom Omelette
  • Potato x 1
  • Egg x 2
  • Cave Mushroom x 1
Mushroom Omelette hunger fill
20 Hunger & 35 Bonus

Yields: 2

Shark Dinner

RAFT Recipe: Shark Dinner
  • Shark meat x 2
  • Cave Mushroom x 1
  • Silver Algae x 1
Shark Dinner hunger fill
15 Hunger & 40 Bonus

Yields: 3

Salmon Salad

RAFT Recipe: Salmon Salad
  • Pineapple/Mango x 2
  • Salmon x 1
  • Silver Algae x 1
Salmon Salad hunger fill
15 Hunger & 40 Bonus

Yields: 2

Coconut Chicken

RAFT Recipe: Coconut Chicken
  • Drumstick x 2
  • Coconut x 1
  • Cave Mushroom x 1
Coconut Chicken hunger fill
10 Hunger & 40 Bonus

Yields: 2

Catfish Deluxe

RAFT Recipe: Catfish Deluxe
  • Potato/Beet x 2
  • Catfish x 1
  • Cave Mushroom x 1
10 Hunger & 40 Bonus

Yields: 2

Fish Stew

RAFT Recipe: Fish Stew
  • Mackerel/Tilapia x 2
  • Egg x 1
  • Milk x 1
Fish Stew hunger fill
15 Hunger & 30 Bonus

Yields: 2

Simple Fish Stew

RAFT Recipe: Simple Fish Stew
  • Potato/Beet x 2
  • Herring/Pomfret x 2
Simple Fish Stew hunger fill
15 Hunger & 25 Bonus

Yields: 1

Vegetable Soup

RAFT Recipe: Vegetable Soup
  • Potato/Beet x 4
Vegetable Soup hunger fill
20 Hunger & 20 Bonus

Yields: 1

Fruit Compote

RAFT Recipe: Fruit Compote
  • Pineapple x 1
  • Mango x 1
  • Watermelon x 1
  • Red Berries x 1
Fruit Compote hunger fill
10 Hunger & 20 Bonus

* Also fills a tiny bit of thirst

Yields: 2

Obviously, in certain circumstances or situations, the ‘best’ on the list may not be appropriate. I still eat grilled mackerel, coconuts, and herring sometimes even though I have a hefty chest full of Catfish Deluxe in my world. It’s really just situational and what you feel like eating. Sometimes, you really just can’t eat the same meal prep for days on end.


October 30, 2020– Sometime between Chapter 1 and 2 or after Chapter 2, there was a change in how much hunger the Catfish Stew filled. The chart has been adjusted to reflect those changes. Numerical values of how much the crockpot RAFT recipes fill are also added based on the chart given by the Billy Bot in the official RAFT Discord server.

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Complete Crockpot RAFT Recipes Guide 2020 Updated

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