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RAFT Hard Mode Survival Guide
To make the game playable by people of all skill levels and interests, RAFT has released 5 modes: creative, peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. This way, whether you like to focus on building, fighting RAFT enemies or surviving more, you'll always find …
Guide to Defeating RAFT Enemies with GIFs!
RAFT by Redbeet Interactive is a survival game where you float on a wooden raft and must face the many threats that approach you. On easy or peaceful mode, they typically won't be too much of a problem. However, on normal and …
Complete Crockpot RAFT Recipes Guide 2020 Updated
One of the major needs in the game RAFT is satisfying your hunger and thirst. In hard mode, it's much more intense and involves spending more time preparing food. One of the most effective ways of getting sustenance is converting raw materials …

RAFT Survival

Collect materials as you sail across a vast body of water on a 2×2 raft. Be careful not to be eaten by sharks attacking your platforms. The game is an excellent balance between eventful, peaceful, and creative.

Crockpot Recipes Cheat Sheet

Learn exactly how much each crockpot meal fills up your hunger bar and what the best recipes are to mass produce.


A third person shooter with high loadout, weapon, and visual customizations. Play by yourself or team up with other Tenno to complete missions.

DIY Warframe Bolarola Plushie Sewing Pattern

Make your own Bolarola Floof in real life with a simple to follow, printable sewing pattern.


Fight large boss monsters by yourself or cooperatively in a party with a very immersive combat system. Use iframes and skills to counter or dodge attacks from enemies.

DIY White Gnoll Chieftain Plushie Pattern

Make your own real life gnoll chieftain buddy with a simple to follow pattern!