Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

Sweet Note is a dessert cafe located in Markham. I’m quite fond of sweets and tea, so I figured Sweet Note would be a great place to visit. Plus, the sign is pretty cute, so the food has to be good, RIGHT? RIGHT?!Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts ReviewUpon walking in, it’s a small interior, but pleasantly decorated. The cafe was clean with all white furniture ranging from regular to high top tables. The front also has a glass display with colourful treats you can purchase to go. Sweet Note had: milk mousse, cupcakes, cake of the day, and macarons behind the glistening glass. The tables were also topped with a small jar of lollipops that you could snack on while waiting for your order. I found that it was a cute touch as it was multi- functional. Plus, who doesn’t want to snack while waiting for their snacks?!Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts ReviewFoodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

Sweet Note Service

The service was amazing. We were greeted by a kind woman, full of energy and smiles. She walked us through the menu on how to order and informed us how long each item would take to make. She ensured us that the wait times were because everything was freshly made (wow!).  She also answered many of our questions about each item and tea. There was quite a few selections of tea, so she offered to let us smell and sample each tea before choosing. Throughout our stay there, she often checked up on us and brought warm water without us needing to ask. If all employees at Sweet Note are like this, I’d be glad to come back!

Matcha Green Tea Latte

The first thing I knew I wanted from Sweet Note was a matcha green tea latte. I love matcha lattes because it tastes creamy, light, and the aroma is very fresh. Sweet Note created an amazing latte. It wasn’t too sweet and you could still taste the raw matcha. The foam at the top was also very pleasant, aesthetically and in volume. Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

Matcha Creme Brulee

Next up from Sweet Note, came our Creme Brule. I was excited to try it because I’ve tried regular and ginger creme brulees, but never matcha. Because I love matcha so much, I was really in favour of this. The matcha was a mild but provided a nice tint to the taste. The initial cracking of the top glazed layer was very crunchy. The creme texture was also very smooth and melted in my mouth. This was a dish that I really took my time eating because I wanted to savour it. If you’re a creme brule fan, you have got to try this!Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

Baked Alaska

I will admit, I mainly picked this off the Sweet Note menu because of the aesthetics. You can’t say you aren’t curious after seeing a picture of it. It reminds me of Baymax and Bowser because of the marshmallow look and spikes, haha! This dessert has a small layer of cake, scoop of ice cream on top, and meringue on the outside. The ice cream flavours come in pistachio and vanilla. Vanilla would have been the safe route, and I’m sure it would have tasted amazing if we got it. However, we got pistachio for adventurous purposes and I learned that I’m not a huge fan of pistachio ice cream. On the other hand, I can vouch that this dish has a great balance of sweetness. The ice cream and cake is sweet, while the meringue cancels it out. Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts ReviewFoodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

Vanilla Soufflé

Before coming to Sweet Note, my friend was recommended the souffle. I haven’t had a souffle before, but I’ve heard about it from TV when I was a child. All I knew about it was that it took a lot of care to bake because it’s very prone to deflating. They aren’t kidding when they say deflate. After two full photo sessions, it actually began to cave in, haha! So we had to start eating it quickly. The dish was very airy and soft. Scooping into it felt like I was scooping up clouds. Although this was a ‘large’ dish, it felt very light and pleasant. 

We were offered a selection of syrups or toppings to accompany the souffle. My friend chose guava while I chose french pear. The guava has a tangy taste while the french pear had a sweet taste. The waitress informed us to barrow a hole in the middle and pour in the syrups. I found the syrups made a huge difference. They made the dish taste amazing. For anyone visiting Sweet Note, I agree to the statement that you have to try the vanilla souffle. It’s amazing!Foodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts ReviewFoodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts ReviewFoodie Adventures | Sweet Note Desserts Review

What’s your favourite dessert?

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