DIY Vindictus Gnoll Chieftain Jr. Plushie

Vindictus (마비노기 영웅전) is a Korean f2p MMO that I’ll never forget, because it’s the game that Daniel and I met in. If the game never existed, we wouldn’t happily be married today! It’s also the place where I met many amazing friends who are are still friends to this day (5 years later), even … Read more

Free Warframe Kubrodon Plushie Pattern

DIY Warframe Kubrodon Plushie Pattern

One of my recent favourite games to play with Daniel is Warframe. I’m not usually into sci-fi looking games, but the variety of gameplay and literally endless content was what got me hooked. They then released Fortuna, their second ‘open world’, and out came the floofs! I instantly fell in love with the Kubrodon floof and decided I had to have one in real life, so I DIY-ed it. 

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