How I Got Rid of My Adult Acne | Skin Care Routine

It’s not a pretty picture. But at least I shrank it so it’s not in full size. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you which is the before and which is the after. On a side note, dear future boyfriend: my skin isn’t perfect. I  can’t be the flawless sleeping  beauty you wake up to, LOL. But here’s how I got over it:


I have a full on post about my acne background. If you don’t want to read it and just want a short synopses, here it is:

I have had acne ever since I was in elementary school. At first it was multiple, large, cystic pimples on my forehead. As I entered into high school, it began to spread to the rest of my face. It conquered my cheeks, chin, jaw line, etc. It’s was quite unsightly, I avoided looking into mirrors. At one point, it did start fading away, leaving many many scars which over time also disappeared. The one thing you must note about my skin is that it scars very easily. Whether I pop, pick, or leave my acne alone, it WILL scar. It will leave anything from very dark pigmented marks to deep holes. As I was enjoying my clear face in the first year of university, it all came back near the end of second year. Slowly, the nightmare that happened during high school repeated itself, but 2x worse. Which beings me here: how did I get rid of it?

Before any of you say anything about diet, sleep, and stress- don’t. I have a very plant based, clean diet. I drink plenty of water with antioxidants I add into it and I slept quite a lot despite being in University. I did a lot of my work from home, so I didn’t need to waste hours of my day commuting and missing out on rest. As for stress, well… It was only towards my adult acne. 

Ever since March last year, I can strongly vouch that I spent over 1.5k on different skincare products and supplements. It all ranged from natural products to very chemical- based formulas. I also tested out different birth control pills, vitamin supplements, and nutrient dense drinks that have been rumoured to banish adult acne. 98% of everything I tried failed. If anything, it was effective for two weeks, but then my skin built am immunity to it and it became useless. 

Obviously, I was fed up. How can no acne products or skincare routines work for me?! I’ve tried so many different approaches. That’s when I decided to test out Asian products. I’ve heard that they’re pretty good competition against American products. I then consulted my friend Bronwyn from BiibiiBeauty to help me out with picking products. I met her through Youtube and she is the ultimate skin guru. She also had a very similar skin type, so I knew I could trust her. I then went to go purchase some of her recommendations and I found that they actually worked for my skin. I’ve ordered 2-4 repeats of the products over the last few months. I made sure I used then for a thorough amount of time so my opinions would be valid. 

Before I tell you about the products, do know that: I DO STILL GET ACNE. I DO HAVE MANY SCARS. But MAJORITY of my adult acne is gone. 

My Skin Type

Incase you need a comparison to see if we have similar skin

  • combination skin (oily on T zone)
  • always scars from acne
  • skin builds immunity to products easily
  • very acne prone

My Favourite Adult Acne ProductsHow I Got Rid of My Adult Acne | Skin Care Routine

I am not promising that these products will get rid of your acne like it did mine, but these are what worked best for me and I would recommend it to anyone asking me about my skin care routine. I use the exact same products and skin care routine in the order listed below for the day and night (assuming I’ve already taken off or don’t have any makeup on). All products, I plan to and will continue to repurchase. Click on titles to go to direct product page.

1. Cleansing: Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes

I mainly use this for taking off my face make up. That means concealer, BB cream, and face powder. I don’t use this on my eye makeup because yes it does work, but it does take some scrubbing. My eye make up is heavy duty and hard to wash off, so it really needs a good cleanser to remove it without making my eyelids sore from scrubbing. I specifically use this only because it’s cheap (from Costco) and doesn’t break me out. I’ve tried lavender, tomato, and cucumber wipes before, but they broke me out. I’m sticking to this, and baby wipes in emergencies.

2. Cleansing: Biotherm Biosource Balm-to-Oil Cleaners & Makeup Remover

This is the holy grail for taking off eye make up without it feeling greasy. It has a very silky and smooth texture. It’s actually quite nice to slide on your fingers. I only use this for my eye make up. I mix it with some water to make it more liquidy and easier to use. My heavy duty, super waterproof eye make up has no problem coming off with this. 

3. Face Wash: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

I’m not picky with cleansers, to be honest. However, I’ve always found myself coming back to the tea tree cleanser from The Body Shop even when I switch brands. I like the pump because it lets me control how much product comes out. With the gel formula that I used before, I sometimes would squeeze out way too much. If you’re looking to choose between the gel and foam, go with the foam.

4. Clarisonic Mia 2

This is great and totally appropriate for mild- acne users because it’s not rough enough to be an exfoliant. In fact, it’s very soft on the skin and doesn’t ‘scrub’. It cleans deep into your pores. I find that after using this, the producst soak better into my skin.

5. Toner: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

Make sure you shake up the bottle before you use it so the product at the bottom mixes with the liquid solution. At first I thought toners didn’t do much, but after using this specific toner over time, I found that I had less acne break outs. I use a few drops on a cotton pad and just swipe it all over my face from the centre of my face, outwards. This also acts as an insurance, getting rid of any excess make up or dirt you may have missed in the cleansing process. 

6. Moisturizer: Badecasil 7 in 1 Spot Clearing Cream Solution

This moisturizer does an amazing job. It really hydrates your skin and leaves it soft. It also soaks into your skin very easily. If you want the details of the “7 in 1” properties, just click the picture and it’ll bring you to a page explaining it all. I’ve purchased 2 of these so far, and will continue to purchase it again. When you first use it, you will really feel it sinking into all the cracks of your skin. It’ll give a very mild stinging sensation. It doesn’t hurt, but you just feel it doing it’s job. After a while you won’t feel it anymore because your skin is well healed.

7. Serum: Dr. Color Effect Skin Protective Revitalizing Red Serum

This is also great for hydrating your skin. It also sinks into your skin easily. I don’t use the whole dropper, but maybe about 1/3rd of it each time. I find that this helps fade scars. However, it is NOT a miracle product. It doesn’t fade scars over night. it also helps reduce redness, prepping your skin for make up, or going out. I will be repurchasing my second bottle soon because I am running out. 

8. Acne Spot Treatment: SkinMiso Spot Repairing Serum

Holy grail. That sums up all my feelings for this acne product. My acne never built an immunity to this serum. This too, is not a miracle product, medium to large spots don’t disappear overnight. As for small pimples, maybe. However, it is very effective compared to the other products I’ve tested. For the tube, it’ll last you a while if you have an average amount of acne. At first I used A LOT and went through my first tube and a half quickly because I have plenty of acne everywhere on my face. However, now I don’t use very much because it has gone down a lot. I gently rub the product into my acne spots and then reapply to larger blemishes when necessary. I am currently on my third tube as I am writing this, so you know automatically, I will be repurchasing this for a very long time.


The Other Basics

I don’t think I need to tell you any of this because if you’re looking up acne regimens or products, I’m sure you’ve already gone through the basics. these are very very very important. Skincare really is not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Just in case, here you go: 

  • eat a clean diet (cut out excess oil, junk food, fat, salt, sugar, etc)
  • drink plenty of water
  • exercise regularly
  • don’t scrub your acne
  • don’t molest your face
  • keep everything off your face, like hair
  • don’t over- wash your face
  • make sure you MOISTURIZE even if your skin is dry
  • sleep and don’t stress

Do you/ have you suffered from adult acne? Share your stories!


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    1. I actually didn’t take any at the time, but it did some back when I went travelling in October. So now I’m on Accutane, or more specifically, Epuris, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Best decision ever. My skin has never been so amazing

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