Alright Wishtrend, it’s your turn!

Wishtrend Acne Spot Repairing Serum

Alright Wishtrend, it's your turn!

Alright, so you all know how my skin is suffering. And I’ve been going through different products and brands, hoping to find something that works. I’ve tried Dermalogica, Body Shop, Neutrogena, Olay, and even Vemma. So far, some of the products and brands work well, but only for a short period before the acne becomes immune to it (annoying, right?). Well, I’ve been hearing and reading articles about asian products and apparently they’re more effective than American products. So, I contacted my friend Bronwyn from Biibiibeauty to help curate a skincare routine for me. I mean- she is an expert on asian products, who else would I entrust my skin to?!

So, Bronwyn introduced me to WishTrend that does not charge customs to ship to Canada (HURRAY!). Did I mention free shipping internationally on best selling products or free shipping on $69+? Those are the best things any Canadian can be told about a brand. The website basically has a bunch of Korean products all in one place, making it easier for me to looking for products and plop them right into my shopping cart. I don’t know about you guys, but trying to find separate products on eBay is a little stressful sometimes. Also, I’ve heard of WishTrend for a while because of all the discount codes which is perfect for someone like me who is tired of spending so much money on skincare products. So, I’m giving WishTrend a try.

As usual, I will update you guys on my skin care routine the moment I find a solid one that works!


Wishtrend Products I am Testing

 1. Acne Control Balancing EmulsionWishtrend Acne Control Balancing Emulsion

2. Badecasil Night CreamWishtrend  Badecasil Night Cream

3. Acne Spot Repairing SerumWishtrend Acne Spot Repairing Serum

If these products work, expect to hear a review from me soon on this blog!

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