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The Basics

 Name: Eva Chung
 Date of Birth: May 16th 1994
Location: Canada – Ontario – Toronto
Eye Colour: Almost- black- dark brown
Hair ColourBlack with blonde ombre
Ethnicity: Chinese
HeightDon’t laugh- 5’0

Hey there! I’m your average girl who loves and lives on the internet. I like to interact with people either through forums, my social media outlets, or games. The fact that you can make friends internationally now is just amazing. I currently work on this blog and my Youtube part time. They are the main focus of my ‘brand’ and really express a portion of my interest. I say a portion because I’m the type of person that has multiple interests since I like to try new things and learn. I basically consolidated similar interests into this blog and my Youtube. 

Aside from blogging and Youtube, I am currently in school. I’m planning to graduate April ’16 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing with a minor in communications. It seems natural for me to be in marketing since I’ve been all about it since I was little (yeah, way way way before Youtube). Fun fact, I used to create pixel websites to showcase and share ‘dolls’ and ‘bases’ because that was the community I was interested in at the time. I also used to make little cute charms to sell for a few dollars before I was legal to work. A girl wants her own money to spend on her own things, okay? So obviously, it’s a field I’ve been in for a while. 

For the future, I don’t know what it brings. I’m the type of person that lives in the moment. I do have thoughts here and there about what I want to do, but it’s very vague. For now, I’m just leaving all my doors open, and seeing what life brings me!

Want to chat or know more? Find me on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Pinterest.

Featured In

  • The San Fransisco Globe (2016)
  • CTV The Marilyn Denis Show (2015)


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